Nail Art Coupe En Verre

Nail Art Coupe En Verre

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Nail Art Coupe En Verre 

Verre Cristal pour Acrylique Liquide Poudre, plat Dappen, Dappen Plat Bol en Verre Dappen Tasse de Liquide, Nail Art Coupe Verrerie

Price: 9.96 euro

This is a full-fledge free test product. 100% reimbursement will be made after 3-5 days once I receive your 5 stars accepted review. You just have to send me a screenshot of a 5-star review with nice comments and pictures. The review must be accepted and online on the amazon site.

After placing the order send me a Screenshot of the order number and Paypal details on  Please!

Place order after confirmation of the test request. Feel free to contact me.

Enjoy testing.

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