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 Hula Hoop

Swetti® Hula Hoop - Weighted Hula Hoop for Adults, Uniform Weight Distribution, Soft Padding, 8 Sections, Stainless Steel Structure, Hula Hoops For Adults Exercise Weight Loss and Fitness

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  • WEIGHTED HULA HOOP - This weighted hula hoops for adults is made with stainless steel inner-structure, promoting excessive calories burn. It helps strengthen the spine and lower back muscles. The weight aspect provides enough resistance for optimal results.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY & UNASSEMBLY - Our fitness hula hoop has eight sections that can easily be assembled and unassembled, thanks to the holes punched on the foam for easy access to the release-button.
  • UNIFORM WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION - Swetti adult weighted hula hoop has a steel inner-structure. This helps in providing uniform weight distribution across the frame. This weight allows the exercise hoop for adults with assisting in burning body fat and shedding off those unwanted inches.
  • PREMIUM LOOK AND FEEL - Unlike other weighted hula hoops out there, ours does not have lobes along the circumferential structure. The absence of lobes reduces the discomfort caused while hula-hooping. The foam padding provides ultimate comfort and a premium look and feel to the hoop.
  • COMMIT TO BE FIT - Swetti hula hoops are designed to assist you in your fitness journey. The movement from the hula-hooping promotes blood circulation. The uniform weight provides optimal resistance to assist in improving balance and body posture.

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