Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

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 Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses, Protective Goggles for Women and Men, Protective Eyewear with Anti-fog Anti-scratch Anti-pollen Anti-blue light blocking Eye Protection Features (Pink)

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Price: 15.75
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About this item

  • 2021 Updated Safety Glasses——Our safety goggles can be used in hospitals, woodworking, metal, construction, labs, dentistry and shooting. It can also be worn when cycling, hiking, and backpacking.
  • Comfortable and stylish design ——This eye protection with round frame , transparent lenses, protective sides and top. Removable non-prescription lenses, you can choose to use prescription lenses when you need them.
  • Anti-fog feature——The lens adopts a defogging coating to avoid fogging and have a clear viewing angle. The wrap-around goggles fit perfectly our eyes, and can block unidentified liquid splashes, sand, powder, pollen, and protect our eyes in time.
  • Anti-blue light blocking——When using smart phones, iPads or computers, our glasses can effectively block 90% blue light, filter harmful blue light, and relieve eye fatigue caused by long-time use of electronic equipment.
  • 24 hours online service——Fashionable and comfortable design-suitable for unisex, no matter what the face shape, it can give you a perfect fit without slipping. Pls let us know if you have any issues while using our glasses.

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