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Candle Making Dyes

 Candle Making Dyes

Candle Making Dyes,16 Color Dye for Soy Wax, Scented Candle Making Supplies

  • 16 colors dye for soy wax as the picture shows, our candle dyes set contains 16 individual packages 0.1oz(2.8g) each color
  • Made from 100% natural soy wax, colorful and multiple functions
  • Each color can be added to 40oz wax, the richness of colors depends on the amount of dye used
  • Our dyes can blend perfectly with DIY candles making kit, essential supplies definitely for making your own style candles
  • We recommend that the dye should be poured in when the candle is heated to 150-170°F (65-75°C)