Successful people have 12 simple habits that set them apart from others

 Successful people have 12 simple habits that set them apart from others

The key to success is emotional intelligence. Doctor Travis Bradberry explains in this post on LinkedIn Pulse how ultra-achievers make advantage of this ability to attain their goals.

Most individuals believe that success is defined by accomplishing your personal goals, according to a research from Strayer University.

Ultra-successful people take great pleasure in achieving their personal goals. It is evident that they are successful in a number of various areas of life, such as friendships, physical well-being, and careers (which they are not only good at, but also enjoy).
Researchers at TalentSmart surveyed more than a million people and discovered that the most successful people share several traits. To be more specific, 90 percent of them are adept at controlling their emotions so that they can remain calm and focused.

Some of the most successful people in the world have a high emotional intelligence (EQ), which is essential for accomplishing your goals.
Even though I've come across a lot of successful people's methods for achieving their goals, here are 12 of the finest. However, the true problem is knowing when you need to utilise them and having the wherewithal.

1. They’re composed.

People who are extremely successful are composed because they continuously watch their emotions; they understand them, and they utilize this knowledge in the present to react to tough situations with self-control. 
When things go south, they remain serene and unfailingly happy (at least to those who aren't).
They realize that no matter how wonderful or awful things are, everything changes with time. All they can do is adapt and modify in order to be happy and in control.

2. They’re knowledgeable.

Because they are always trying to improve their self-awareness, super-successful people know more than others. They promise to continue to develop. Any spare time they have they spend on self-education. 
Rather than doing what is "correct," they do it because it is their passion. Always searching for methods to improve themselves and the world around them, they're always on the lookout for new things to learn about themselves and the world around them. 
Truly great people don't give in to their fear of seeming foolish and instead ask the questions that are on their mind, since they would rather learn something new than appear intelligent.

3. They’re deliberate.

Highly successful individuals make judgments after carefully considering the options, consulting with others, and sleeping on them. 
Researchers have shown leaning too much on gut feeling is inefficient and deceptive. It makes all the difference to be able to take your time and think things through logically.

4. They speak with certainty.

The words "hmm," "I'm not sure," and "I guess" are rarely heard from super-successful individuals. Assertive people talk out of conviction because they realise it's hard to persuade others to pay attention to you if you're not able to convince them of your views.

5. They use positive body language.

It's important to be aware of your actions and expressions, and to make sure they're positive. Use an enthusiastic tone, uncross your arms, keep eye contact and lean toward whomever is speaking to attract others. 
Positive body language may make all the difference in a discussion, since how you say something might be more significant than what you say, according to research.

6. They leave a strong first impression.

Seven seconds after meeting you, most people decide if they like you. In the end, they justify their original response to one other. This may seem frightening, but by understanding it, you can take advantage of it to improve the way people perceive you. 
Positive body language plays a crucial role in first impressions. Assertiveness, a firm handshake, a grin, and open shoulders all contribute to a positive first impression.

7. They seek out small victories.

Even when their efforts yield only minor victories, successful individuals like challenging themselves and competing. Reward and motivation-related brain regions become more responsive to androgen receptors as a result of little wins. 

In addition, the increase in androgen receptors enhances the impact of testosterone, which further boosts confidence and willingness to take on new tasks. Small successes may improve your self-esteem for months.

8. They’re fearless.

A persistent feeling, fear is nothing more than your imagination. It's a fact that danger exists. Almost walking in front of a bus causes an uncomfortably high level of adrenaline surge. 
Fear is a decision that you can make. As a result, exceptional individuals turn fear on its head. Most successful individuals, however, are addicted to the joyful sense of overcoming their anxieties.

9. They’re graceful.

Those with grace combine strength and gentleness in a harmonious way. Neither intimidation nor rage nor manipulation is used due to their self-assurance and calm demeanor. 

When it comes to the job, the term gentle has a negative connotation, but in truth, it is the softness of being elegant that gives ultra-achievers their strength! Approachable, likable, and easy to get along with, these traits make individuals more open to their thoughts and suggestions.

10. They’re honest.

People that are extremely successful believe that honesty and integrity, however difficult at times, always work out in the end. Truthfulness allows true connections with others, whereas dishonesty does not, and lying always bites you. 

It turns out that people who frequently lie have greater mental health issues than their more honest colleagues, according to a University of Notre Dame research on the subject.

11. They’re grateful.

It takes a lot of desire, enthusiasm, and hard work to reach the top of the food chain. Mentors, coworkers, families, and friends all play a major role in their achievement, and they are aware of this as well. 
Most successful individuals don't wallow in the glory of their achievements, but instead, thank others for what they've done for them.

12. They’re appreciative.

Because they understand the value of slowing down and appreciating what they already have, really great individuals can achieve so much. As a result of their capacity to remain grounded while appreciating the possibilities that life has provided them, they are able to maintain a high level of positivism, tenacity and motivation.

Any of us may become more successful if we practise these behaviours every day. Then watch where they lead you.