Yoga Burn

 12-week Yoga Burn Challenge

How it Works

The effectiveness of the Yoga Burn Program is due to a technique known as Dynamic Sequencing. 

Dynamic Sequencing is the method through which the yoga burn program teaches you how to properly complete each exercise before adapting and increasing the challenge as your body becomes used to the practise.

This causes your body to adapt and evolve, resulting in a more shapely, feminine figure that not only looks but also feels better! The three-phase program leads you through a series of films that are organized in such a manner that your body and mind are kept wondering, ensuring that you do not become bored or plateau.

The Yoga Burn Program's success is attributed to a method known as Dynamic Sequencing. The yoga burn program uses Dynamic Sequencing to teach you how to properly perform each exercise before adjusting and raising the challenge as your body becomes acclimated to the practice. 

Your body adapts and evolves as a result, giving you a more shapely, feminine figure that not only looks but also feels better! The three-phase program takes you through a series of videos that are arranged in such a way that your body and mind are kept wondering, preventing boredom and plateauing.

The first phase of the flow chart is called the foundational flow chart.
The foundational flow is named by the fact that we will be constructing a firm Yoga basis throughout this phase. 

The first four weeks are intended to teach you the fundamentals of a solid yoga practice, as well as begin to form long, lean muscles while having fun! This unique collection of sequences can and will help both beginners and expert yoga students. 

Once we get into the more difficult lessons, you'll learn how to execute perfect form and develop a strong "mind-body" connection so you can call on the muscles you need. 

The key to safely and efficiently advancing through the following two phases is to provide a solid foundation.

Transitional Flow Phase 2

Phase 2 is all about teaching you how to put the techniques you learned in Phase 1 together in a fluid flow that will help you burn more calories and raise your heart rate! You should be more acquainted with our fundamental exercises by now, so let's shake things up a little and keep your body guessing to push it to adapt and change for the better!! 

This phase's videos focus on major muscular groups. Upper body, lower body, and core are the three exercise DVDs. 

We'll practice switching from one posture to the next. It is great to learn how to connect postures together because it enables you to focus on the current moment rather than allowing your thoughts to stray... It's like meditating in motion!

Mastery Flow Phase 3

Ladies, get ready to turn it up a notch! It's time to put everything we've learned in the previous two phases into one blazing hot sequence that will rev up your metabolism and change your body in ways you never thought possible with yoga!

Each video has a somewhat different arrangement than the preceding ones. Each position is repeated many more often to ensure that the targeted muscle is fatigued. 

You'll also be led through a series of complex upper and lower body motions. These are intended to get the most work done in the least amount of time, and the muscles we'll be targeting will help you achieve that desirable hourglass figure.

Phase 3 is meant to shake things up a bit, reenergize and revitalize your mental concentration while optimizing your weight reduction outcomes.